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>[Download & Guide] iTools 1.4.0 – The best silkroad utility ever!

>iTools 1.4.0 – The best silkroad utility ever!

Hello there, iTools is back!

iTools is a powerful tool that can do basicaly ANYTHING! iTools is 100% safe, no keyloggers/spywares/malwares and furthermore you DO NOT get banned by using it.

Key Presser: Build your own script of keystrokes. No maximum limit!

Auto Clicker: Build your own script of mouse clicks. No maximun limit!

Auto Flooder: Write a text to spam every X seconds.

Auto shutdown: Turn off your computer at a certain time.

Easy window manipulation: Hide, Show, Minimize, Kill and Resize the client to 1680×1050, 1360×786, 1280×1024, 1280×800, 1024×768, 800×600, 512×384 and 342×256. (Reduces the usage of memory by silkroad clients)

Taximeter (countdown clock): Makes your taxi services easier, you can control the time of your customers and play a sound when their time is over! (Sound not included)

iTools works on Vista, XP, Windows 7 and Linux and it also works with all the silkroads!

Please use the Bug Report or just post here.

Do not accept iTools from someone nor download it from somewhere else instead of here: Download iTools 1.4

Always make your OWN virus scan before you open ANY file.
Virus scan ( MD5: 60ff1d3ade1c1a17278ddff9352735e4.

Last version: 1.4
Last update: 2/12/2011


v1.4 (Especial edition)
– Couple fixes have been done

– Minor bugs update

– Fixed the Kill bug

– Fixed the auto closing bug
– Add’ed “Stay on Top”
– Add’ed 1360×786 and 1680×1050 resolutions to the Resize sizes
– “Kill” has been improved (Faster way)
– DC Checker has been removed

– Fixed the “Window does not exist anymore” bug
– Add’ed 1280×720 resolution to the Resize sizes
– Add’ed DC Checker
– Fixed the horizontal scrollbars bug

– Add’ed “Start” and “Finish” time to the Taximeter
– Add’ed “Press key at the beginning of the loop” and “Press key at the end of the loop” to the Auto Clicker
– Loop time limit has been increased to 999
– Fixed the bug when Reseting the stats and clearing “Keys list”, “Texts to flood” and “Coordinates list”
– Fixed the bug to show the Tutorial at the first user time

– Fixed the bug with keys Insert and Snapshot
– Fixed the window status bug
– Fixed the bug with “Kill chatbox focus before and after each key press”
– Advanced flooder system has been implemented

– New GUI
– Add’ed Taximeter
– Add’ed window status
– Add’ed 1280×1024 and 1280×800 resolutions to the Resize sizes
– “Stop at level” has been excluded

– Add’ed “Kill chatbox focus before and after each key press”
– Add’ed Escape key to the Keys available


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